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Jan 28, 2018

Welcome to the pre-first episode of WEIRD HEAT, a collaboration between Brian Altano and Max Scoville that's going to be about art, life, making stuff, and everything else. All the stuff in our heads that doesn't have anywhere else to go, whether that's art, music, ideas, feelings. We needed to get it out there somehow, so here we are. It's either difficult to explain, or we just suck at explaining it. This episode attempts to do so.

We realize that calling something "Episode 0" is pretentious and probably totally screws up the numbering of every episode after this... But we needed to get something out there. If you like what we're doing, please subscribe, follow, and/or like WEIRD HEAT on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitch -- and if you want to support what we're doing, kick us a buck or two on Patreon or buy a shirt from our store.